Church Where You Are

Our game plan for NO Brick & Mortar gatherings

We have been using a communication/collaboration tool called Workplace for over a year. It’s like an internal/private social media platform. We started with a very small group of staff and lay leaders and it quickly became the go-to tool for all of our volunteer teams. We recently had a conversation about opening it up to regular attendees and with the current situation, we have moved that timeline up.

Note: Workplace is made by Facebook, but you do not have to have Facebook to use this software nor is it linked to your personal Facebook in any way. We will use this tool for Church Where You Are at least for the time being. Using this tool we are able to Go Live for sermons and have real-time interaction with one another in community. The church has never been about the building.

Please wait until you receive an email inviting you to join Workplace. If you try to set up your account before we invite you, it will make it more difficult for you to join.

If you do not receive an invite email or have any questions you can reach out through one of the following:


Facebook Messenger: Alliance Church Facebook Page

Website: Chat widget (Bottom right)

Website: Contact Us Card