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Kids Life is full of fun-filled, age-appropriate environments designed just for your kids! These Kids Life environments are high-energy experiences that include engaging teaching, games, toys, prizes, multimedia, and a caring staff. Your kids will beg you to come back each week! Read through the frequently asked questions to learn more about Kids Life! 

The goal in Kids Life is to provide a loving and exciting environment where children can learn about God and His love. We believe that it is our responsibility to partner with parents as they seek to raise their children to know who God is and how much He loves each of us. Kids may receive take-home flyers or objects that help reinforce the weekend teaching. Check out this helpful page on our  Orange Curriculum.
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Infants & 1 Year Olds

Preschool- First Look:

2 Years - Kindergarten

Elementary- 252 Basic:

1st-4th Grade